Our Mission

To help companies to build better teams and a stronger remote culture.

Our Story

Mixr started as a place to party online. When the pandemic caused the lockdowns in our area, we were in our last year of university. We wanted to get together with friends online, but there were no fun video chats for large groups of people.

We immediately got to work on Mixr, the online party platform where any number of people could join a virtual house and be automatically mixed into random rooms. Mixr's user base exploded. We hosted over a million online parties and numerous events for Canadian universities throughout that year.

As school came to an end, we joined the workforce as remote developers, running Mixr on the side. We experienced 'remote work culture'. A dreaded monthly social, playing trivia on a zoom call. Eveyone with their camera and mics turned off. It was un-engaging, it felt awkward, and what stuck out the most... we didn't connect with anyone.

This left us feeling isolated, unmotivated and disconnected from our teams.

Running engaging virtual socials is difficult. We of all people know this, we had focused on it the entire time while building Mixr! We are excited to bring everything we've learned hosting virtual parties to the remote workplace, so remote employees never feel isolated again.

Start hosting awesome team-building events with your team.